sal started life as a group of Spanish artists living and working in London, but the art community is a fluid one and SAL has evolved naturally to include Spanish artists who have moved away from London and others who have close cultural, artistic and family ties with Spain no matter where they came from originally.

We welcome members from a wide range of disciplines, which at present include: ceramics, glass, painting, photography, video and multimedia installations.

sal was created for the purpose of presenting our creative activity and our proposals to audiences in London, both to Spaniards living in Britain for whom our activities could work as a bridge between two cultures and to people of other nationalities interested in the artistic output of our group.

We present our activities and our proposals as a way of cultural consumption of the “contemporary”, concerned with an analysis of the moment we are living.


  • to raise an interest in Spanish Culture in other collectives and cultural contexts
  • to reflect on our “identity conflicts” as Spaniards living in a different country and on the influence of this condition in our work
  • to introduce and promote the work of this group of creators, increasing the visibility and dissemination of their artistic output and projects
  • to analyse the artistic and cultural reality of the milieu in which we live and work.
  • to exchange and promote experiences with other contemporary art groups and foster these cultural and artistic exchanges in Britain, in Europe and internationally
  • to set a network of professional, artistic, cultural, commercial and institutional contacts to help develop the feasibility of our project with the support of Spanish institutions in London, as well as private companies or individuals wanting to collaborate with our proposal
  • to work as a link for other Spanish artists arriving in London; be a point of reference for institutions or individuals interested in artistic an cultural activities in London


  • organising collective, individual and thematic exhibitions, with the participation of photographers, visual artists, poets, musicians, performers
  • collaborating with members of the Spanish community, different social groups, teaching institutions, etc. by proposing workshops, didactic and ludic activities, or any other kind of artistic interventions with the aim of reflecting on and putting new energy into culture
  • promoting encounters to enrich the social interactions among the members of the group, their collaborators and other people close to them