carlos españa

Born in Malaga, Spain in 1963, Carlos España began his artistic career after qualifying as a ceramicist and setting up a studio in Seville in 1986. Ten years later he completed a Fine Art Degree at the University of Seville and since has alternated between ceramics and painting. In 1998 Carlos moved to the UK where he now works from his studio in Guildford, Surrey.

Inspired by the ever-changing nature of water, Carlos uses colour and texture in his paintings to reflect its movement and transparency. Carlos doesn’t paint seascapes he paints the individual portraits of waves. He paints their souls as surely as if they had been people. He paints their journey from their birthing from the sea, into the head long rush of adolescence, into the spume topped power of maturity, into the breaking decay of age, into impotency and death and the return back to the sea that had given them birth.
In July 2007 Carlos completed a 5-panel painting entitled ‘Sunrise over the Great Wave of Innovation’ for the newly refurbished entrance hall of Mitsubishi Electric Visual Information Laboratory in Guildford.