manuel noguera

For me painting is the window to the mind of an artist in which one tries to create a vision. An idea with emotions, which can be transmitted to the viewer like a poem.

I let intuition be part of the creative process, in this way there is a freedom of expression, creating random movements which allows my most inaccessible emotions to come into being, tapping into a chaotic space where old memories are kept, allowing me to create the brush strokes which define these emotions.

When I am creating the painting there is a sense of liberation, there are no preconceived ideas of what the final image should look like, this is the freedom that I am interested in, because the possibilities are boundless.

When the first layers of paint are applied, my conscious mind finds ways to interpret the evolution of the painting.

Forms, colours and textures are the tools used to enlighten the meaning of the artwork.

I create windows to the world of the artist, creating that necessary space in which the viewer gets access to the illusions and challenges of the human experiences.

I am interested in the unexpected associations, which comes with doubts, anguish and confusion, but also illumination and a great pleasure of fulfilment…



My art is an assembling of forms, structures, colors, feelings, experiences, dreams, questions and reflections. Created with fragments of paper (comic books, antique ephemeral, news papers, etc…) and recycled imagery.

I am intrigued in the process of deconstructing images and then reintegrating the many pieces  on to the canvas, creating and ongoing visual experiment, where intuition is the driving force for the composition of the piece, the work evolves layer by layer, eventually working together into an unique and original  work of art.