natalia rivero

Natalia Rivero has a Postgraduate Diploma from the Royal Academy of Arts and a BA Honours Degree in Fine Art from Valencia University. She is a Secondary Art teacher and a Waldorf teacher.

She was born in Barcelona, moved to Madrid at the age of 3 and has lived in London for more than a decade.

The artist  finds inspiration for her painting in observing her own daughters interacting with the natural surroundings.

‘Alicia in the Secret Garden watercolours describe a childhood lived for the second time through my daughters’s eyes. It is like looking through a mirror, I reflect myself in them, experiencing feelings and sensations from old times. The same as leaning over a rose to smell its aroma with the reassurance that in a few days this same rose will be hanging lifeless from this same stem.

These watercolours express admiration for the Golden age of fantasy and joy. Perceptions seem to amplify, spaces are tremendous, colours and flavours intensify, the whole experience of reality is powerful, vulnerable and magical at the same time.

A childhood in close contact with nature’s beauty that evolves away from machines, consoles and animation cartoons, develops a creative play that doesn’t feed from dead, completed and artificial images of the world of Disney’.